The River Nymph by Shirl Henke

Title: The River Nymph by Shirl Henke
Series: The Nymph #1

Tags: American-Antebellum Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: January 29 2008
Pages: 322

What happens when a beautiful lady gambler faces off against a professional card shark with more aces up his sleeve than the Missouri River has snags? A steamboat trades hands, the loser forfeits his clothes, and all hell breaks loose on the levee. But events only get wilder as the two rivals, now reluctant partners, travel upriver. Delilah Raymond soon learns that Clint Daniels is more than he appears. As the polished con man reverts to an earlier identity—Lightning Hand, the lethal Sioux warrior—the ghosts of his past threaten to tear apart their tempestuous union. Will the River Nymph take him too far for redemption, or could Delilah be his ace in the hole?    

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