The Raider’s Bride by Kimberly Cates

Title: The Raider's Bride by Kimberly Cates
Series: Raiders #1

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Pocket Books
Release Date: February 1 1994
Pages: 314

He looked like the devil's own angel...incorrigible, outrageous, and promising paradise with one bold kiss....By day Ian Blackheath was the most sensual, immoral rogue in colonial Virginia. By night he was secretly Pendragon, the ruthless leader of the patriot cause. He certainly had no time for a ward. The lovely Emily Rose d'Autrecourt knew only the rogue Blackheath, and was outraged at his insensitivity toward Lucy, the curly-headed orphan who had been dumped at his mansion's door. But Emily was seized with fear when little Lucy stole a doll from her millinery shop that contained evidence of her dark and secret role as a British spy.

Accepting Ian's offer to become Lucy's governess was dangerous, yet it was the only way she could recover the doll without arousing suspicion. She never dreamed how perilous her new position would be until she discovered the dizzying pleasure of being in Ian's arms, stripping away his image of an arrogant, selfish rakehell and recklessly revealing her own desperate needs. Suddenly, in a land racing toward revolution, this man and woman with so much to lose would willingly risk all they had for love...

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