The Outlaw Hearts by Rebecca Brandewyne

Title: The Outlaw Hearts by Rebecca Brandewyne

Tags: American-Turn of the 19th Century Era, American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Warner Books
Release Date: May 1986
Pages: 463

Out of the Ozarks' deep valleys, the notorious Luke Morgan gallops toward destiny... for on the train carrying the gold he seeks to steal is another treasure--gray-eyed Jenny Leigh Colter, a lovely young woman scarred by the memories of a day of terror and tragedy, who dreams of a new beginning as a schoolmistress in the green Missouri hills.

But now a feared and desperate renegade has entered her life. Desire burning in his ice blue eyes, he will tempt her to risk the damnation of her world--and amid endless danger, dare her to let her love blossom into a joyous and lawless passion...

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