The Maiden Warrior by Mary Reed McCall

Title: The Maiden Warrior by Mary Reed McCall

Tags: Wales-Medieval Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: June 4 2002

The Captive Bride

The day she was wedded to the bold English knight Aidan de Brice young Gwynne was taken captive by the Welsh bandits who'd claimed her since her birth. Years have passed, and she barely recognizes the breathtaking warrior before her who once won her heart -- but her senses recall what her memory cannot. Still, any lingering thoughts of love must be dispelled, for the proud, brave lady's loyalties now lie elsewhere.

Aidan is shocked to discover that the infamous "Dark Legend" -- the elusive rebel leader he is honor bound to defeat -- is not only a beautiful woman...but also his stolen bride! Now that he has taken her prisoner, Aidan knows his true duty is to his heart. Defying his king, Aidan must use all his power to keep fair Gwynne from harm...and rekindle her lost memories of a soul-stirring love more mighty than any kingdom or crown.

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