The Irish Knight by Amy J. Fetzer

Title: The Irish Knight by Amy J. Fetzer
Series: The Irish Trilogy #3

Tags: Ireland-Medieval Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: April 1 2002

An Irish warrior loyal to Richard the Lionheart must tame a bewitching princess in this magnificent tale of duty, destiny, honor and passion...

A Warrior's Honor

A loyal knight, Connal PenDragon obeys his king without question. But when Richard the Lionheart orders him to return to his homeland and secure the peace by marrying the most notorious witch in all of Ireland, the brave warrior is shaken to his very soul. Sinead of Antrim has haunted him for years with her spellbinding ways. Now that she is a grown woman, he finds her vibrant, enchanting...and more powerful than ever. If he is to control her lands for England, he must find a way not only to wed her, but to conquer her heart, as well.

A Witch's Heart

Sinead will not be bound to an Irish traitor who would forsake his own people to fight for England, no matter how great his prowess on the battlefield—or how strong his hold on her heart. Forbidden since childhood to use her magic on him, she has no weapons against the feelings he evokes...or the terrible, dark dreams that foretell his death. Fated to protect him, yet afraid to stay too close lest he see into her heart, Sinead must walk a fine line between destiny...and desire.

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