The Heather Moon by Susan King

Title: The Heather Moon by Susan King
Series: Scottish Clans #1

Tags: Spy Heroes,

Published by: Topaz
Release Date: April 1 1999
Pages: 340

While riding escort for King James V, a handsome young man finds his ruler's life in his hands when the Scottish king suddenly falls ill. Aided by a beautiful, spirited, half-gypsy girl, the young man is forever enchanted by the mysterious girl. But fate places them on opposing sides of a diabolical plot to obtain power. The infant Scottish queen is in danger of being kidnapped, and while the man acts as a spy to uncover this fiendish plan, the girl's father is hired to do the deed. Caught between loyalty to his country and the longing in his heart for the girl, who will he inevitably betray?

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