The Grand Masquerade by Amanda Hughes

Title: The Grand Masquerade by Amanda Huges
Series: Bold Women of the 19th Century Era #1

Tags: American-Turn of the 19th Century Era,

Published by: Lillis and Jaymes
Release Date: October 9 2014
Pages: 394

For readers who like historical fiction with a little romance.
It is a life built on secrets, lust, and lies, and Sydnee Sauveterre is at the center of the charade. Used as a source of income at a stand on the Natchez Trace, Sydnee escapes to start a new life in Louisiana. Gifted with visions and a knowledge of Hoodoo, she must find her way through the quagmire of danger and deceit that is 19th Century New Orleans. She bans together with four friends to create an illusion within the elegant, high society of the Louisiana Creole. It is a risky charade meant to fulfill all of their secret desires, and Sydnee gambles everything, including love, to lead this double life. Will she survive the grand masquerade?

"Once again Amanda Hughes splashes the pages with adventure and love stories about audacious women in the 18th and 19th Century. Her page-turning tales will keep you on the edge of your seat as you take wild rides through passionate and dazzling periods of history

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