The Governess Wears Scarlet by Sari Robins

Title: The Governess Wears Scarlet by Sari Robins
Series: Andersen Hall #5

Tags: Governess Heroines,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: January 29 2008
Pages: 384

Haunted by a terrible tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele roams the streetsof London as a masked vigilante. One starlit night, he rescues a veiledyoung woman. . . and she unleashes a fiery passion he'd thought longdead. Though they explore every inch of each other's bodies, they mustkeep their faces hidden, for an illicit affair could have dangerousconsequences for them both . . .

In the harsh light of day, Jason's primary concern is hiring a governessto care for his two young nephews. He has no idea that Abigail West isthe tantalizing woman he meets under the cover of darkness each night.But when they discover a kidnapping plot that could plunge them all intomortal danger, Jason and Abigail will be forced to reveal themselves . .. and lay bare their incredible, explosive attraction for all the worldto see.

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