The Golden Sovereigns by Jocelyn Carew

Title: The Golden Sovereigns by Jocelyn Carew

Tags: England-The Stuarts Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: December 28 1976
Pages: 403

Surging with passion and epic power, GOLDEN SOVEREIGNS sweeps from the proud family estates of England to the exotic West Indies to the sprawling plantations of the Virginia Colony -- and, against the pageantry and adventure of an enthralling age, reveals the fiery spirit of a beautiful woman destined for blazing desire.

Thrust into the tumultuous events of two continents -- and into the lustful embraces of men of high and low station -- Carmody Petrie braves enslavement, danger, and royal intrigue to conquer her tormentors...and to seal, in the arms of the adoring Mark Tennant, their fated bond of surpassing love.

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