The Cabinetmaker’s Daughter by Joan Overfield

Title: The Cabinetmaker's Daughter by Joan Overfield

Tags: American-Regency Era,

Published by: Ten Talents Press
Release Date: August 2014

A Woman of Polish …

“Neither nor” fit Hortensia Peters to a fare-thee-well. An aristocrat and the daughter of the royal cabinetmaker, she was neither sufficiently blue-blooded for London’s smart set nor earthy enough for her father’s circle. Despairing, Hortensia turned her back on Polite Society to assist in her father’s shop – until he announced plans to retire and sell out. Hortensia stood firm: would he not deed the shop to her, as he might to a son? In answer, she found herself bound for Boston to conduct business with a potential supplier, Mr. Jason Anderly. But neither Boston nor Jason were quite what she expected. While delighted that Americans didn’t give a fig about her mixed class, she found Jason stodgy and opinionated … yet perhaps taller and more ruggedly attractive than she had imagined. In fact, when business was sealed by a kiss, Miss Peters would discover there was more to life than success!

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