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Title: The Bounty Hunter by Kelliann Morgan
Series: Redbourne #2

Tags: Bounty Hunter Heroes, Amnesia,

Published by: Inspire Books
Release Date: March 19 2012
Pages: 304

She can't remember... TAYLA HAWTHORNE finds herself far from home with no memory of her past--her only connection an ornately carved locket. But when a dark and dashing stranger triggers a familiar yearning inside her, she discovers that the key to her future lies in her past. He must forget... RAFE REDBOURNE has a lock on his heart. For eight years he has carried the weight of his past on his shoulders, immersing himself in his life as a bounty hunter, tracking fugitives. So, when he promises to find the lost girl who took everything from him, he must decide how far he'll go to keep his promise, and if she's worth opening his heart again

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