Tender Marauder by Linda Lang Bartell

Title: Tender Marauder by Linda Lang Bartell

Tags: Dark Ages Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 1994
Genre: ,
Pages: 448


With his fierce strength and virile passion, Leif Haraldson was all the man Morgana had ever needed or wanted ... until the siren call of the sea lured him from her arms and bed. Abandoning her for the promise of gold and glory, the bold Viking warrior left her with only her broken dreams --- and at the mercy of a dangerous fate. Though Morgana could not forget his searing embrace, she would never forgive his cruel betrayal. And now he dared to return to her --- as if she were a treasure to be captured and conquered!


When Leif sailed into the craggy fjords of Norway after three long years at the savage mercy of the sea, he had only one desire: to be reunited with the enchanting beauty he'd reluctantly left behind. But Morgana was now bound to another, a treacherous enemy who dared to call her wife! Somehow, Leif would win her trust again, for only his steadfast devotion could heal her heart and save her life...as his gentle kisses and fiery caresses freed the loving woman who would always belong to him --- body and soul!

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