Tempting by Susan Johnson

Title: Tempting by Susan Johnson

Tags: American-Turn of the 20th Century Era,

Published by: Kensington
Release Date: November 1 2002
Pages: 352

Her trust and love shattered by public humiliation and private indifference from a man who cared nothing for her happiness--or her pleasure, Princess Christina was a woman trapped in a lonely and passionless marriage. If she was not precisely resigned to her fate, she was not tempted to change it, until she met an American marquis--and temptation took on a new, solidly male form...

The world of casual amours was Max Falconer's forte, not Christina's--and well Max knew it. But he couldn't resist the look in her eyes--shy, yet determined--when she offered herself to him, much less the promise of sensual abandon with a woman who deserved every pleasure she had too long been denied...

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