Sweet Savage Eden by Heather Graham

Title: Sweet Savage Eden by Heather Graham
Series: North American Woman Trilogy #1

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: February 1 1989
Pages: 400


From the first time Jasmine's eyes met those of Lord Jamie Cameron in a smoky British inn, theirs was the wrong kind of attraction -- not gentle, slow, and easy, but hot, hard, and all-consuming. The illegitimate daughter of an actress and a duke, Jassy had dreams no man could wench from her in a moment of desire. She's resist this bold nobleman with all the strength of her soul. But her golden hair, fiery temperament, and indomitable spirit obsessed Lord Cameron... and he wanted her with him when he sailed for the new wilderness called Virginia. So he had a bargain for the spit-fire Jassy, one that only a very special woman would dare to make.

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