Silk and Splendour by Ellen Tanner Marsh

Title: Silk and Splendour by Ellen Tanner Marsh

Tags: East Asia-Various Time Periods Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: November 28 1986
Pages: 422

Island of Dreams, Paradise of Love
His sun-weathered face was arrogantly handsome as she trembled under the steady gaze of his unyielding blue eyes. China Warrick had turned in desperation to the notorious Captain Ethan Bloodwell for passage to Singapore. It would be a long and perilous journey...raging with passions more dangerous than the hostile seas.

Swept into the dark and sultry world of the Orient, heiress to the vast Warrick silk plantations, China is an innocent alone against ruthless treachery and greed. Her one hope is Ethan Bloodwell, the bold adventurer who torments her nights with longing and fills all her days with a live forever in the silk and splendour of her island paradise with the one man who has enflamed her very soul with his love.

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