The Proposition by Kate Bridges

Sergeant-Major Travis Reid was coldhearted trouble...but for the sake of the child she'd lost, Jessica Haven was ready to travel with a man who hated the sight of her. Still, the trail-toughened Mountie was her last, best hope for justice -- and maybe her one true chance for love!

Travis Reid had been ready to dismiss Jessica Haven, the mayor's spoiled daughter, as the flighty society miss he remembered, concerned only with her own comfort. But the determined young woman surprised him with her unexpected verve and sensuality. And their trek across the wilderness was fast becoming a journey of the heart!

The Bachelor by Kate Bridges


But Diana Campbell knew even a brief relationship with Officer Mitch Reid, her bachelor auction "prize," could lead only to disaster for her family -- and heartbreak for herself. For she wanted this marvel of a man not just for today -- but for all their tomorrows!

Mitch Reid had returned to Calgary a changed man. A newly sworn officer of the Mounted Police, he wanted only to rectify the errors of his wilder days by serving the public. He had neither time nor desire for romance -- until Diana Campbell, armed with a nickel and a fastball, won his services for a day!

The Commander by Kate Bridges

Julia O'Shea is fast reaching the limit of her patience -- she's exhausted by running the biggest newspaper in Calgary and caring for her young son alone. Her pragmatic solution? To advertize for a husband. But her plans go out the window when Ryan Reid -- the man who loved and left her ten years ago -- comes back to town. Julia can't hide her attraction to the bad-boy-turned-surgeon, especially when he swears he's reformed. And Ryan is determined to be the answer to her prayers...