Forbidden by Helen Kirkman


England, 716--a time of power and passion, corruption, courage, violence and vengeance…

He was for sale--a slave forced to do the bidding of others. Dangerous…and fascinating, but no more than a thrall in chains.

She was a lady, a woman bent on vengeance. A woman in need of help. Not the ordinary kind of help. What she wanted to do, what she had to do, did not require commonplace skills.

It required courage that took no account of either the odds or the risks. Her idea was every bit as reckless as the slave's bravery…and in all probability just as doomed. No matter the cost, she would never be at the mercy of anyone's will again.

They were worlds apart.

And anything between them was.


Embers by Helen Kirkman

Alina, Princess of the Picts, had betrayed Brand—and earned his undying hatred.

Their reckless affair had once cost him all he had called his own. Now, restored to his former wealth and power, duty demanded that Athelbrand of Northumbria abduct the fugitive princess from a nunnery. With his country on the brink of war, Brand must deliver Alina to his king before he can have his revenge.

Their love was burned by loss and treachery, yet as danger gathers around them, their passion once again bursts into flame. This time would the sacrifice be too great for Brand to bear…or would love finally be his ultimate redemption?