Merely Magic by Patricia Rice

Magic is her birthright...

The daughter of one of the strongest magical lineages, Ninian Malcom Siddons is a powerful witch. Determined to only use her magic for good, she lives a simple, solitary life as a healer in her village, where she meets Drogo.

A man of science doesn't believe in anything he can't see...

Lord Drogo Ives believes only logic and science can explain the wonders of the universe and doesn't believe the local folklore about Malcolm witches and Ives men, until he meets Ninian.

Despite the odds against them and their (many) differences, the bond between Drogo and Ninian grows stronger each moment they are together... until the chaos and danger surrounding them forces each to decide: their love... or their lives...

The Trouble With Magic by Patricia Rice

Here national bestselling author Patricia Rice delivers another sweeping tale of between an irresistibly magical Malcolm woman and a charmingly logical St. Ives man.

Felicity Malcolm Childe's gift for experiencing visions through touch has always felt more like a curse than a blessing. To deflect the more agonizing images generated by her suitors, she covers herself from head to toe. Only the maddeningly handsome Ewen Ives provokes tingles of pleasure rather than pain, but he is already betrothed. Now her only hope is to persuade Ewen to take her to Scotland to find the ancient book of spells that could allow her to reverse her gift—and free her from its burden.

Ewen may be a brilliant inventor who can move rivers and harness lightning, but he also knows better than to underestimate the mischief-making Malcolm sisters. In spite of his misgivings, he can't let the mousy, heavily clad Felicity travel to Edinburgh without a proper escort. Little does he suspect that beneath Felicity's unsightly cloak is a serenely practical woman whose remarkable beauty and courage will utterly captivate him—and ignite a fiery passion with the power to fulfill both their dreams