A Question of Honor by Ana Leigh


She was running toward a forbidden marriage; he was destined for the dangers of war. But when lovely Raven Kirkland met fellow passenger Matthew Elliot aboard the ship that was carrying them from England to the New World, they knew at once that they were destined for one another.

Married in an Indian ceremony under the auspices of Raven's Indian protector, Mashquanek, the lovers experienced perfect bliss--until Matthew was called away on a secret military mission, leaving Raven carrying his child.

Separated by the hostilities of war, divided by misunderstandings, their love was tested time and time again. Only after Raven had survived and Indian massacre, the death of the faithful Mashquanek, and the agony of childbirth in the wilderness would she be reunited with the man who had ignited the flames of undying passion within her heart...

Oh Promised Destiny by Ana Leigh


Falsely accused of treason, beautiful Rachel Burke was forced to flee England for the shores of the Virginia colony. In that paradise, she hoped to make a new life for herself. But the paradise soon turned into a living hell, as renegade Indians captured her. Rachel gave up all hope until, miraculously, she was rescued by the dashing Andrew Kirkland. Half Scottish, half Indian, Kirkland was as comfortable in satin as he was in buckskin. Despite his aloofness, Rachel knew that somehow their destinies would be entwined forever...

A Kindled Flame by Ana Leigh


Headstrong and hauntingly beautiful, Patricia Fairchild had played for high stakes before, but never had she agreed to such an outlandish wager: Passage on Stephen Kirkland's ship if she won; a night in his bed if she lost. Yet one look in the captain's arrogant blue eyes made her accept his audacious challenge, and one touch of his searing lips made her long for the exquisite conclusion of their explosively sensual game

A KINDLED FLAME fouth in the lavishly romantic Kirkland Chronicles.