Forbidden Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor

Forbidden Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor.

was silk and satin, honey and fire. Never before did the possession of a man fill her with such excitement as-when she held her handsome Indian lover in her arms. That she was a white woman living in the red man's world did not matter. They had promised each other their hearts forever -- nothing could keep them apart.

was fierce and gentle, powerful and possessive.
He would never forsake his bride of two moons; he would never let her go.
But when Alisha awoke to dawn's first light her bronze-skinned warrior was gone.
Her lips were swollen from his savage kisses; her body bruised from his brutal passion -- and still she longed for him.

Lost between two worlds, she was desperate and alone. Betrayed by her savage lover, she hungered for their