Fortune’s Mistress by Judith E. French

Chains of iron bind them together in the shadow of the gallows -- an earthy, flame-haired beauty branded as a witch... and a condemned privateer, the dashing illegitimate son of King Charles II. Yet Lacy Bennett and James Black are not destined to die by the hangman's noose -- and escape instead onto a ship bound for the Caribbean... and a hidden fortune in gold. But grave peril awaits the notorious rogue and the sultry smuggler's daughter -- as the treacherous greed of a false friend threatens their lives and the quest for sunken treasure. And in the fires of adversity, unbreakable new chains will be forged -- eternally binding the handsome bastard lord to his enchanting low-born lady with sensuous passion... and rapturous love.

Fortune’s Bride by Judith E. French

As revolution's flames engulf the Colonies, fiery Caroline Steele must feign loyalty to the Crown in order to safeguard her Maryland plantation. But she is in danger of losing everything when an arrogant fugitive from British justice chooses her bedroom as his hiding place. And now that Garrett Faulkner has effectively ruined her reputation, Caroline demands satisfaction. First, to save her from an unwanted wedding, the dashing rebel sea captain must marry her himself - and then accompany her to the Caribbean to search for missing treasure. But Caroline's bargain with the handsome devil could prove to be her undoing. For in magnetic and mysterious Garrett, the sensuous, strong-willed young widow has finally met her match...and her heart's most fervent desire.