October Wind by Susan Wiggs

A sweeping, unforgettable story of romance, intrigue-and the greatest voyage ever made.

He believed he could reach the fabulous Indies by sailing West. She ruled a kingdom--but he offered her a new world.

His guilty secret made him a target for the Spanish Inquisition--and lost him the woman he loved.

Together, they planned a voyage of discovery that many said was impossible. After heartbreaking years of intrigue and perseverance, beset by scheming courtiers and haunted by the specter of the Spanish Inquisition, Columbus and his band of adventurers finally set sail in three tiny ships, borne on an October Wind..

Jewel of the Sea by Susan Wiggs

A generation after Columbus made his great discovery, the tired Old World is striving ton conquer the new lands in the West, seeking gold and riches beyond their wildest dreams.

From Spain to England to the Caribbean, follow the fortunes of Armando, restless wanderer with an uncertain heritage: Gabriella, whose beauty hides the secret of her birth; Paloma, child of a Spanish grandee and an Indian wise--woman; and Will, master-musician who flees the Inquisition because of his Jewish blood.

Appalled by the cruelty of their countrymen, they seek to help the native peoples of the new lands, organizing the resistance to the Conquistadors in the land that will be called Florida.

Kingdom of Gold by Susan Wiggs

Less than a century after Columbus's great discovery, Queen Elizabeth charges her favorite pirate Francis Drake to plunder the New World of its most perilous treasure--a possible heir to the throne of England. From the author of October Wind and Jewel of the Sea comes a gripping saga of history, adventure, and romance.