Dakota Desire by Dana Ransom

Half-breed Scott Prescott decided years ago to travel the white man's path and tell no one of his past as Lone Wolf. But now that he'd brought his eastern bride-to-be home to the Dakotas to meet his white family, his Sious heritage was filling his spirit with fiery passions and fierce longings he could no longer deny. This wild country was where he belonged and the prim and proper Miss Gena Trowbridge was about to learn what it meant to be loved by a man with savage blood in his veins and red-hot desire in his heart!
From the moment they reached the Dakotas, Cents felt uneasy. Scott was somehow different here--stronger, more rugged, not at a like a polished Boston lawyer. The blond beauty had found it hare enough to control her unruly emotions back east, but now it was almost impossible to resist her fiance's rough masculine charm. Though his eyes held shadowy secrets, his lean, muscular body tempted her to forget her fears. His caress seared her flesh with delicious heat and his kisses made her inhibitions melt until she ached to surrender to the sensual pleasures of his DAKOTA DESIRE