Affaire Royale by Nora Roberts

A New York Times Bestselling Author

With Her Serene Highness Gabriella suffering from amnesia and her kidnappers still on the loose, Prince Armand lost no time in calling his close friend, American detective Reeve MacGee.

Poor Brie could remember nothing; even her family were strangers to her. With Reeve's prodding, her memory began to awaken. But his warm heart and calming eyes awakened so much more

A Royal Invitation by Nora Roberts

The Playboy Prince: Love had always been a game to dashing playboy Prince Bennett, but with the elusive, mysterious and challenging Lady Hannah Rothchild, he found his heart on the line and he was playing for keeps. Cordina's Crown Jewel: Working as Camilla MacGee for archaeologist DelaneyCaine offered the perfect escape from being Her Royal Highness Camilla de Cordina. As their relationship turned to desire, she knew she's have to confess. But would he see her as a woman to be loved or dismiss her as a royal pain?