The Loner by Genell Dellin

A proud Cherokee Lighthorseman, Black Fox is determined to hunt down the notorious Cat -- a brazen thief who robs from the wealthy to give to the poor. But his satisfaction at finally capturing the elusive outlaw turns to shock when he discovers The Cat is a woman in disguise -- a breathtaking young hellion who stirs his sympathy and his desire, distracting Black Fox from the job he has sworn to do.

Cathleen O'Sullivan has no love for the law, since it did nothing to punish the villain who destroyed her family. But a bullet wound ended her personal quest for justice, and if she doesn't escape her rugged Cherokee captor, she'll surely hang for a crime she did not commit. But the tender care she's receiving from the sexy lawman -- and the intense heat his touch inspires -- makes the wild beauty burn to have Black Fox as a lover, not an enemy ... and to surrender to a fiery passion that could spell disaster for them both

The Captive by Genell Dellin

The powerful sensuality of Creed Sixkiller makes Raney's heart race ... the same as it did three years ago when he proposed to her. But she refused him then, for her family was too finely bred to allow her to marry an Indian. Now, to save her brother who has escaped from prison, Raney must stick close to the proud, handsome half-breed Cherokee ... no matter how scandalous it will be for them to travel alone together ... no matter how much she aches for his touch. Creed never wants to see Raney Childress again, not after she told him he wasn't good enough to live in her world. But he is determined to put her baby brother back in jail where he belongs, and Raney is not letting Creed out of her sight. Her delicate beauty and gentility only bring back the searing memories of their hopeless romance, but as he leads them both down a dangerous path, Creed is beginning to realize that the greatest peril of all is a love that never truly vanished ... and a wild desire that could not be tamed