Bold Land, Bold Love by Connie Mason

New South Wales, 1807

It was a vast land of wild beauty and wilder passions; a frontier as yet untamed by man; a place where women had few rights and fewer pleasures. For a female convict like flame-haired Casey O'Cain, it was a living nightmare.

Exquisitely beautiful, utterly helpless, she was expected to cater to her master's every whim. And from the first, arogant, handsome Dare Penrod made it clear what he wanted of her. Casey knew she should fight him with every breath in her body, but her heart told her he could make a paradise of this wilderness for her.

His callused hands took rights she should never have granted, his warm lips whispered of pleasures she had never known, and his hard body promised a love she would never relinquish

Wild Land Wild Love by Connie Mason

The Australia of 1812 is a virgin land waiting to be explored. It is a wild frontier peopled by even wilder men. It is a place where a defenseless woman risks both her virtue and her life. But high-spirited Kate McKenzie is sure she can survive in Australia on her own...until she meets her match in Robin Fletcher. In the arms of the former convict, Kate discovers that a defenseless woman can have the time of her life losing her virtue to the right man.

Brave Land Brave Love by Connie Mason

Though Ben was heir to the vast Australian holdings of Penrod Station, he had no intention of saddling himself with a wife--until he met his match in the most alluring and contrary creature he'd ever beheld. With manners as dainty as those of any fine lady, Tia could charm his highborn friends, yet her salty language would make a Cockney blush.

And now, Ben finds himself being refused by the one woman who has captured his heart for all time.