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Title: Seduced by the Pharaoh by Sheniqua Waters

Tags: Egypt-Various Time Periods-Era,

Published by: The World's Best Books
Release Date: June 15 2013
Pages: 238

Latifa, the courageous daughter of the King of the Nubians, shuns her privileged life to take a vow of chastity and become a fierce female warrior. Her desire is vengeance against the Pharaoh of Egypt who she believes deceived and killed her father then destroyed her village.

Tariq, the newly appointed Pharaoh, has spent his life fighting against the Nubians as Commander of the Egyptian military. While journeying to Thebes, he unexpectedly confronts Latifa and makes a wager that he can conquer her hardened heart and make her willingly share his bed. Latifa vows to resist Tariq’s advances and is taken aback when she realizes he is the man she has sworn to destroy.

After long days and nights spent traveling beside the Nile River, will love seize the hearts of these two sworn enemies? Or will Latifa refuse to be seduced by the Pharaoh?

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