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Title: Savage Winter by Constance O Banyon
Series: Savage Seasons #2

Tags: Native American Heroes, American-Native American Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: May 1 1985
Genre: ,
Pages: 354

The Vision

He'd been named Wind Warrior and called the savior of his Blackfoot people. But the mystical power that filled him awoke his brother's hatred and envy. Dull Knife would do anything to take what was his.

The Woman

Slender and lovely, the white captive had long ago caught Wind Warrior's eye. She was the kind of beauty who could make a man forget all else in the exquisite pleasures of the night.But when Dull Knife plotted to steal her away, the rivalry between the two brothers would come to a head, a prophecy would be fulfilled and with her daring rescue, a great passion would be born.

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