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Title: Savage Storm by Phoebe Conn

Tags: Mail Order Brides,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: November 1 1985
Genre: ,
Pages: 509


Luscious Gabrielle had lost everything she had in Kansas City. Now all she wanted was to survive the Oregon Trail and start a new life as a mail order bride. Then she met ruggedly handsome Jason Royal, and the auburn-haired beauty couldn't imagine marrying any other man. His husky whisper promised endless ecstasy. His muscular frame made her yearn to cling to him all through the night. Too late, the lovely innocent realized that even the perils of the night. Too late, the lovely innocent realized that even the perils of the trail were not as dangerous as the arrogant scout who stole her heart!


Rave-haired Jason Royal was too hot-blooded a man to deny himself any of his desires --- and the trip to Oregon was too long to go without a woman. Then his steel gray gaze caught sensuous Gabrielle MacLaren and the wagonmaster would settle for no less. Her generous lips waited for his kiss; her supple curves were created for his caress. But the last thing Jason wanted was a wife. Adventure was his first and only love --- until he lost himself in the fury of rapture's SAVAGE STORM.

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