Rose by Lauren Royal

Title: Rose by Lauren Royal
Series: Chase Family #7

Tags: Artist Heroes,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: October 7 2003
Pages: 361

Rose's story — the conclusion of the Flower Trilogy!

The last of the lovely Ashcroft sisters to find a husband, Rose is fast approaching spinsterhood at the age of twenty-one. But the intelligent beauty is determined to make her way down the aisle—with no less than a nobleman—even if it means hiding her brains, her hopes, and her dreams.

There is someone, however, to whom Rose can reveal everything. He is Christopher Kit Martyn, a handsome and determined man set on landing the post of official Royal Architect. Kit is no stranger to female attention, and though a commoner, he does not hesitate to pursue the out-of-reach Rose despite her inability to see him as a husband. Somehow he must convince her that a title is worth little in the presence of a noble and passionate heart.…

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