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Title: Queen of the May by Denee Cody
Series: Mandeville #2

Tags: England-Legend of Robin Hood Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: June 1 1997
Pages: 343

In a time of treacherous rulers and intrepid outlaws...

She lives among the outlaws of Sherwood forest, a beauty as ethereal and fathomless as the Wildwood itself. Yet not even her faithful friends Robyn and Marian can shield Giselle from the harsh laws of King John, or the secret enemy determined to take her life.

...A bold knight and a mysterious maiden discover the passionate destiny that will transform their lives...

One of the late King Richard's most trusted companions, Alexander de Mandeville has left the court of the corrupt King John, to claim the lordship of Wolfhurst. But the barony bequeathed to him is near ruin. Its lush forests are inhabited by bandits—and the ravishing Giselle, who lures him into her lawless world, where desire is their only common ground, and where danger haunts their every embrace.

In a novel set against the timeless world of Robyn Hood and Maid Marian, the celebrated author of The Court of Love and The Conquered Heart brings us another extraordinary historical romance of 13th-century England, as a man and a woman fight for a love born in the mists of legend..

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