Pure Temptation by Connie Mason

Title: Pure Temptation by Connie Mason

Tags: Forbidden Love,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: January 1 2000
Pages: 391

Spirits could be so bloody unpredictable, and the specter of Lady Amelia was worst of all. Just when one of her ne'er-do-well descendents thought he could go astray in peace, the phantom lady always appeared to change his wicked ways.

A rogue without peer, Jackson Graystoke wanted to make gaming and carousing in London society his life's work. And the penniless baronet would have gladly damned himself with wine and women—if Lady Amelia had given him the ghost of a chance.

Fresh off the boat from Ireland, Moira O'Toole wasn't fool enough to believe in legends or naive enough to trust a rake. Yet after an accident landed her in Graystoke Manor, she found herself haunted, harried, and hopelessly charmed by Black Jack Graystoke and his exquisite promise of...Pure Temptation.

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