Prince of Thieves by Saranne Dawson

Title: Prince of Thieves by Saranne Dawson

Tags: England-Legend of Robin Hood,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: 1998
Pages: 358

Unwilling to relinquish her father's prosperous estate and marry a man she despised, Lady Maryana was dispatched to the now-occupied land of her kingdom's ancient enemies. The recent war had left the land and its inhabitants bereft of food and hope. One man held the lifeblood of the country in his grasp: a man, who, despite his ragged attire, intrigued Maryana like no other.

Lord Roderic Hode, the former Earl of Varley, was her king's sworn enemy and now led a rogue band of thieves who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. But when Maryana looked into Roderic's blazing eyes, she saw his passion for life, for his people, and for her. Deep in the forest, he took her to the peak of ecstasy and joined their souls with a desire sanctioned by love. Torn between her heritage and a love that knew no bounds, Maryana would gladly renounce her people if only she could remain forever in the strong arms of her ... Prince of Thieves.

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