Powerful Magic by Karen Whiddon

Title: Powerful Magic by Karen Whiddon
Series: Magic-Whiddon #1

Tags: England-Camelot and Arthurian Era, Wales-Medieval Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: November 1 2005
Pages: 311

Kenric of Blackstone is tormented. Not entirely human, he cannot live with his past or with that he truly is. When he is needed to help in a battle that could destroy the Earth, it is Megan who gives him strength, Megan whose kisses heal him....

In a strange land and time, it became clear to Megan Potter why she'd been summoned. This wasn't about Faerie prophecies or wizardry, or even a desperate struggle to find her way home. This was a quest to save a man's heart. And for the first time ever, she felt destined to prevail, because with her help she knew this handsome prince could discover the most powerful magic of all—love.

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