No Choice But Surrender by Meagan McKinney

Title: No Choice But Surrender by Meagan McKinney

Tags: England-Georgian Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: May 1 1998
Pages: 382

Penniless and alone, Lady Brienne had come to Osterley Park, back to the house of the father she despised. She found a stranger waiting -- an arrogant American whose sensuality set her heart beating wildly, rendering her powerless as his kiss deepened into a brand of fire, searing his mark on her tender flesh.

Avenel Slane had come to England in pursuit of vengeance. He had a cruel plan to take Osterley Park -- and Lady Brienne -- by force. Had be reached for the trembling girl in lust only to yield to her beauty and sweet innocence? Could love conquer the raging urgency of dark desire? Let her try to escape, he would pursue her relentlessly, ruthlessly, for he had sworn she would have... NO CHOICE BUT SURRENDER

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