Night Flame by Catherine Hart

Title: Night Flame by Catherine Hart

Tags: American-Turn of the 19th Century Era, American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: June 1 2000
Pages: 480


She was stunningly beautiful -- her hair a vivid blaze of red, her eyes the burning blue of a fire's heart -- and from the moment he saw her, Night Hawk knew she must be his. She was his Flame, and the desire to possess her soft body burned in his blood. It made no difference that she was a general's daughter, a spoiled, willful Southern belle who was completely unsuited to life an an Indian squaw. It made no difference that she fought him tooth and nail, refusing to bend her proud spirit to his will. All that mattered was the searing ecstasy she would know when he branded her soul with his smouldering love...

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