Moon Racer by Constance O Banyon

Title: Moon Racer by Constance O Banyon
Series: Half Moon Ranch #3

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: August 1 2003
Pages: 351

Somewhere in the lush grasslands of the Texas hill country, three brothers and a sister fight to hold their family together, struggle to keep their ranch solvent, while they await the return of the one person who can shed light on the secrets of the past. Abby learned to ride and rope and wrangle as well as any of her brothers, but Major Jonah Tremain is looking for a lady. Abby tells herself she doesn't care that the major is engaged to a proper Eastern-bred miss, but when she looks into his searing blue eyes and feels his lips against hers, she decides to teach him the error of his ways only a Texas wildcat can do justice to passion such as his, and she plans to match him kiss for kiss.

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