Midnight Affair by Nan Ryan

Title: Midnight Affair by Nan Ryan

Tags: American-Antebellum Era,

Published by: Paper Jacks
Release Date: July 1 1988
Pages: 432

Arranged marriages among the Creole aristocracy of Louisiana were common, and beautiful Amalie knew she was fortunate that her husband, Julien Declouet, was so kind and attentive. But ever since her wedding night, Julien had refused to touch her. Amalie was baffled and hurt. Then he began entering the darkness of her bedroom to make passionate love to her. Night after night he brought Amalie to the heights of ecstasy only to confound her with his aloofness by day. Imagine Amalie's shock to discover that it wasn't her husband at all, but his attractive cousin, Robert! And when Julien disappeared and was later found murdered, both Amalie and Robert suspected each other of murder. But by then, they had fallen completely in love!

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