Master of Paradise by Virginia Henley

Title: Master of Paradise by Virginia Henley

Tags: American-Turn of the 19th Century Era,

Release Date: November 13 2011
Pages: 300

Master Of Paradise is a Plantation Novel; A Southern Family Saga.
This is an original book, never before published.

When Nicholas Peacock is cheated from his inheritance of Peacock Hall in Kent, he sails to South Carolina. He buys land, clears it, and plants cotton. Eventually he builds a magnificent house known as Paradise Plantation. He falls in love with the daughter of Bernard Jackson on the neighboring plantation, but when Civil War threatens circumstances force him to agree to a marriage in name only. The sexual tension is stretched to breaking point as the would-be lovers are torn between honor or surrendering to the love and longing in their hearts.

From the Author
Master of Paradise portrays the historically accurate evils of slavery.

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