Light and Shadow by Lisa Gregory

Title: Light and Shadow by Lisa Gregory

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Harper Prism
Release Date: July 1 1991
Genre: ,

A World of Reckless Deception

Jason Somerville aroused unquenchable fire in Carolyn Mabry ... burning desires like she had never known before.

Forcibly, he brought the beautiful actress to his ancestral home in England. Passionately, he made her his wife. But Carolyn knew her life was a charade, a lie she lived to protect her innocent twin sister.

There was no untruth in the overpowering feelings Jason aroused in her, there was nothing false about her desire for the strikingly handsome nobleman.

But would Jason reject her if he knew the truth? His determined pursuit was for the right woman -- living in her own world of reckless deception…

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