Kissed by Tanya Anne Crosby

Title: Kissed by Tanya Anne Crosby
Series: Redeemable Rogues #2

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: December 1 1995
Pages: 389

Bewitched, Betrayed, Enraptured...

Jessamine Stone's brother would marry her off to a covetous boor to salvage an impoverished estate. But Jessamine can love only Christian Haukinge—the handsome lord to whom she was once betrothed. Assured that she may wed her onetime fiancé if he consents to have her, the penniless beauty sets out to win Christian's affections once more— unaware that the rogue has been offered a tidy sum to break Jessamine's heart.

Embittered over past injustices, Christian has good reason to despise the Stone family—and so ruthlessly agrees to the contemptible bargain. But Jessamine's sensuous spirit, her innocent trust, and her melting green- eyed gaze threaten to undermine his resolve for vengeance—and to heal his deep and scarring wounds with the soothing balm of unconditional love.

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