Kansas Brides by Denise Hunter

Title: Kansas Brides by Denise Hunter

Tags: LDS/Christian Love,

Published by: Barbour Publishing
Release Date: April 1 2004
Genre: , ,
Pages: 464

Is marriage the answer to life's difficulties, or does it only complicate the problems? In these four stories based in historical Kansas, women find romance-- but is it really love when Sara wants only to escape an abusive stepfather and her husband marries according to his father's will ... when Jane wonders if her current relationship grows out of a broken heart ... when Mara collects suitors like some women collect teacups. . . when Emily says I do to fulfill her dream of having children? Can these women move beyond the reality of the moment to experience true love--including God's? Four women in historic Kansas find romance-- but have they really found love? Only God can move them beyond the desire of the moment to true love.

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