Justifiable Means by Shannon Green

Title: Justifiable Means by Shannon Guymon

Tags: LDS/Christian Love,

Published by: Bonneville
Release Date: February 1 2003
Genre: ,
Pages: 188

Nikki Truman triumphed over a childhood of abuse with her spirit intact. She has a happy disposition and an incredible determination to make her and her brother's lives as normal as she possibly can. Hired on as Rory McNiel's housekeeper and cook, she's well on her way to making that happen. Changing Rory's "couch potato" ways and his unhealthy eating habits are a snap compared to over-hauling his damaged self-esteem. However, when Rory's mother sees Nikki cooking her way into her son's heart, battle lines are drawn. 

Nikki knows a dark secret stands in the way of her bright future and her growing love for Rory. That secret doesn't want to be kept in the closet—in fact, it's practically on her doorstep. It won't rest until it has claimed her brother, but Nikki will do anything to protect Casey. Anything by justifiable means.

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