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Title: Just Before Midnight by Suzanne Robinson
Series: Meet Me At Midnight #1

Tags: England Edwardian Era,

Published by: Bantam
Release Date: February 29 2000
Pages: 336

It's 1899, and American heiress Mattie Bright is too modern for her own good.  Mattie would love to spend her days racing through town in her motorcar. Instead she's in London looking for a husband whose lineage will make her fortune respectable. The only interesting man Mattie has encountered is the handsome Lord Cheyne Tennant—and they've been at war from the moment they met!

No one knows that Cheyne is working with Scotland Yard to catch a blackmailer plaguing London's wealthiest aristocrats. He'll need a daring young woman to help capture the culprit--but no gilded English lily will do. Mattie, with hair black as midnight and a fearless soul to match, is just perfect.  But Cheyne doesn't know just how far Mattie will go to find the adventure she craves.  And when he finally realizes how much she means to him, it may be too late to protect her....

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