Into The Storm by Maura Seger

Title: Into The Storm by Maura Seger

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Release Date: November 15 1990
Pages: 331

He was a culture French Lord; she was a spitfire American girl.
Her famous temper flaring, Annabel Riordan bristled at the sensual gaze of the Marquis David de Montford seemed to undress her in the public dining room of her Washington, D.C., inn, the Wild Geese. She was angrier still at her treacherous heart for finding the arrogant Frenchman noble so attractive. With a new war putting America's fledgling democracy in peril, every foreigner was suspect. And as British troops marched ever closer, Annabel would soon be fighting a private battle to keep her own independence. To David she was a beautiful, saucy tavern owner to seduce, not marry. To her, he was the man she had dreamed about, a once-in-a-lifetime passion. The tempest raging in her soul was sweeping her into David's arms. Yet, an even greater storm was gathering, one destined to carry them into the dangerous intrigues of kings . . . and onto a battlefield of blood and tears were love alone could triumph.

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