Hummingbird by LaVryle Spencer

Title: Hummingbird by LaVryle Spencer

Tags: Cowboy Heroes, Plain Jane Heroines,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: January 15 1987
Pages: 416

The Bandit and the Gentleman

Both were wounded in the same train robbery in frontier Colorado and left on Abigail McKenzie's doorstep to nurse back to life.

Gentle, loving David, promising her a happiness she'd lost hope of finding, was all a lady could wish for.

Jesse stood for everything she hated: he was rude, violent, roughly handsome and disturbingly sensual.

But it was Jesse's mocking mouth that troubled her dreams, Jesse who made her feel a hundred things a lady should never know, Jesse who challenged her every waking hour. She fought him with all the stiff propriety her stubborn will commanded ... but in her burned the aching embers of love too long denied--love that would force her to a choice no woman should ever have to make...

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