Highland Whispers by Sharon Gillenwater

Title: Highland Whispers by Sharon Gillenwater

Tags: France-French Revolution Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: June 1 1989
Genre: ,

From the sweet-scented moors of the Highlands to the elegant salons of Paris on the eve of the French Revolution, beautiful Sheridan Sinclair was pursued by a madman. Obsessed by Sheridan's uncanny resemblance to her mother, he had vowed to possess her soft body, whether or not she was willing.
Only one man could save her from a fate worse than death --- Jeremy Mackenzie, the brash American who had taught her the meaning of love. In his strong arms she had discovered the soul-stirring bliss of fulfillment, but imprisoned by her fiendish seducer, she wondered if she would ever know the ecstasy of Jeremy's embrace again.

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