Heaven In His Arms by Lisa Ann Verge

Title: Heaven In His Arms by Lisa Ann Verge

Tags: Canadian-Colonial Era,

Published by: Bay Street Press
Release Date: October 16 2014
Pages: 214

From a City of Depravity...
The illegitimate daughter of a courtesan, Genevieve Lalande struggles to survive on the dangerous streets of Louis XIV's Paris. Desperate for a new life, she trades identities with a woman chosen to be a mail-order bride...and is soon bound for the new French colony of Quebec.

...To a Savage Wilderness
A rugged loner who prowl the frigid Canadian wilderness like a sensual lion, Andre Lefebvre is furious to learn he must wed in order to keep his fur-trading license. He selects the pale, seasick Genevieve, believing she can't possibly survive in such a harsh, unyielding land.

...And a Wild Love
Yet as they embark on a perilous journey into soaring mountains and rushing rivers, neither Andre nor Genevieve can know their true destination: the unexplored regions of desire that await two wary hearts hiding secrets...and hungry for love.

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