Hawk’s Woman by Madeline Baker

Title: Hawk's Woman by Madeline Baker

Tags: American-Native American Era,

Published by: Topaz
Release Date: July 1 1998
Pages: 348


A cloistered convent life had left Hallie McIntyre innocent of the world, and of men. But the wounded stranger lying in Sister Domenica's garden was sun-bronzed, strong, and fascinating. Agreeing to hide and nurse him, Hallie didn't understand the powerful feelings of desire that were propelling her toward sin. On the verge of taking her vows, she discovered the force of a different destiny, one born of a woman's need and passion ...


The son of a French trapper and a Lakota medicine woman, John Walking Hawk had vowed to hunt down the marauders who slew his family. Yet the same law that refused justice to a half-breed had branded him an outlaw. Now a beautiful young woman was breaking down the barriers around his heart, daring to ride with him on a dangerous journey of vengeance, and risking everything for a love that comes only once in a lifetime ...

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