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Title: Harem by Diane Carey

Tags: Harem,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: February 1986
Pages: 381

Teach me what I need to know..."

Jessica Grey watched ruggedly handsome Tarik crossing the moonlit floor of the seraglio. This was her captor...the rebel leader who kidnapped her from a world of four o'clock teas and lavish embassy balls and gave her away to the Sultan's harem where women were taught the art of making love...

Now Jessica realized the young Turk had kept her heart for his own. Her shawl slipped from her creamy white shoulders. Her arms stretched out for him. His lips closed over hers, his strong hands geverishly exploring the smooth silk of her flesh. To be found together in the Sultan's palace would mean death. But as they sank onto the bed's velvet cushions, no risk could curb their hunger. It was time for Jessica to learn the deepest secrets of passion...to discover the love that could truly make her desire's slave...

Based on the screenplay by Karol Ann Hoeffner

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